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posted 4/7/2018 - 2018 GIG NEWS: Blackthorn 51 with HITTMAN and Finger Lakes Metal Fest
On Tuesday, April 24th, we'll be warming up for some other underground band - HITTMAN. "HIT" us up for tickets:

And we got selected to perform at this year's Finger Lakes Metal Fest again, AWESOME! We should be going on around 8PM or so on Saturday May 19th.

posted 3/28/2017 - GIG NEWS: Finger Lakes Metal Fest
Thanks to help from our friends at the METALLIC ONSLAUGHT we got selected to perform at this year's Finger Lakes Metal Fest. This is a grass roots run metal festival that started over 10 years ago and has grown from humble beginnings to a major upstate NY weekend event. And amazingly, they keep the event 100% FREE - no tickets to buy or sell. We're tentatively scheduled for 9:35PM on Saturday May 20th and are preparing a blistering set with none other than The Monarch returning to do vocals! Click on the link or log at the top of the page for complete details. Thanks to Dave and Rick and everyone associated with the event; we're really looking forward to this. Also, look for a Metal Meat interview with COMBAT posting on their site in the next week or two...


Finger Lakes Metal Fest:
Metal Meat: (It's the meat, don't skimp on the meat!!!)

posted 12/3/2015 - RELEASE NEWS: Bootcamp Origins
Matt Rudzinski at Divebomb Records has re-released "The Bootcamps", a compilation released by Century Media in 1999. This is a collection of 3 of the 4 original vinyl Bootcamp EP's released by Combat Records in 1986 - NAPALM, POWERMAD and HAVE MERCY. Please show Matt some support and consider getting a copy (click on image):


Matt reached out to us at the 11th hour to provide as much information and as many images as we could. The result is a CD booklet that is 100 times better than what was released by Century Media. All the songs have been remastered as well.
Please visit Matt's sites:
Tribunal Records
Divebomb Records
Kill Whitney Dead
Divebomb Records forum

posted 10/31/2014 - HALLOWEEN RELEASE: Mission Of Mayhem
This album is dedicated to our fallen friend Chris "Metal Beer Horror" O'Brien, who might have said something like this: "If you can't find one track that you like on this CD, you're not metal". That's just to show how much he and best bud Anthony Deluca supported and promoted us, and now there's nothing but a void left where his welcome presence used to be. Freedom Day was one of his favorite songs and goes out to him wherever he is:

As much as this album is for Chris, our condolences and well wishes continue to go out to Anthony Deluca, who had to deal with the loss of his best friend. We're sure there isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't think about Chris.

They say losing a twin is extremely difficult for the survivor. Although we hardly know him, our condolences and well wishes also go out to Tom O'Brien, Chris's identical twin brother.

This album was recorded, produced and engineered by Aady Pandit and Jeff Rossbach at Deadfoot Studios and at Aady's secret "deep underground" studio. As with Age Of Discord, mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering. Cover art by Scott Jackson at MonsterMan Graphic.

All instrument tracking for this album was recorded before we had any idea who was going to do the main vocals. Big surprise came when Chris "The Monarch" Weidner came down to make it happen. It didn't seem like 30 years had passed as he got right back into venting the poison. This is pretty close to the album we could have made before we parted ways back in 1986. 13 tracks clocking in just shy of an hour. There are a few more surprises, so check it out.

We're working with our buddies Nick and Roma to release a Russian version of the album.

Gag Of Steel                               Mind Melt                             Freedom Day

posted 10/18/2014 - RELEASE NEWS: Napalm Sticks To Everything
This was posted awhile back on our facebook page. Nick Komshukov, founder of the band HELL'S THRASH HORSEMAN, contacted us about putting together a compilation of our demos and live tracks on his label HTH Productions (web). Nick brought in Roma to do all the art work. All we had to do was supply the songs, old pictures and some ideas, and Nick did all the rest. Very professionally done putting bigger labels to shame.

Nick also did all the promotion and continues to do the distribution. Please visit Nick's sites:
HTH Productions (web)
HTH Productions (facebook)
HTH Productions (vk)
Here are Roma's sites:
Pentagonium (facebook)
Pentagonium (vk)
Nick is also a very talented lead guitarist and songwriter, currently fronting a killer death/thrash band, check it out:

posted 3/31/2013 - NEWS
For the few people that actually visit our website: We had a good 10 year run with Bob Eubank and unfortunately last spring we finally parted ways. We tried another line up a few months back, and had a lot of fun with it, but Bob left a tough act to follow. However, as Frank used to say: "It ain't over yet". We have something very interesting planned (on vinyl maybe?! haha!), and when we get further along we'll post an update.

posted 12/20/2011 - NEW ALBUM: Age Of Discord
Our new album is here. Rehearsed, tracked and mixed exclusively at Deadfoot Studios. 100% engineered and produced by us. Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering. Inside cover photo shot by Chris Banks - Sinnerman Inc. Check out 3 tracks:

The Mutant Inside                 The Evil Has Landed                 Age Of Discord